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“I met Howard an a local IPPA meeting several years ago and he immediately saved me 50% on my insurance premiums by switching to his agency and Allstate Insurance. Several weeks ago I was photographing grizzly bears in Grand Teton N.P. when my 500mm prime lens was broken. I just finished up with the claim and they will be paying me 100% of the replacement cost less the deductible. The replacement cost is almost $2,000 more than my original cost as the model was upgraded with a major price increase. I felt incredibly relieved as this is my go to lens and the one that put me in a professional class. It's provided me with magazine cover photos, calendar cover photos and other successes. I got the check yesterday and stopped at Pictureline to order the new one today. I can't say how grateful I am to Howard and Allstate. Howard bought us pizza that night at the meeting; turns out it was the best pizza I've ever had.”

Steven E, Utah


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