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Data Recovery Coverage

I was working with a client on a data recovery claim this week. Hard drive failed due to a power surge. This particular client had moved in October 2020 to a new home. He did not report the move and provide his new address. Because the loss occurred prior to Oct 2020 (the power surge) and the hard drive was damaged at a the address location listed on the policy - it was covered. If the loss had occurred at the new address and he had not reported the address change, he would not have had coverage.

Moral of the story - always report a move! The premises location address on the policy must match the place of operation. If you move - report the new address to your insurance carrier.

Thanks for reading.

Howard Burkholz

Discussions on this blog are information in nature and not a guarantee of coverage. Each claim is evaluated for the facts of the loss to determine coverage.


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