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Professional Liability Coverage

Question. We have a photographer who did a photo shoot. His client claims he did not take all the specific photographs which they desired. He took 1500 photographs during the event. They gave him a list of photos they wanted in advance and during the event he was with his client touring around taking photographs which were on the "shoot list" and additional photos which the client pointed out as they walked the event together. Anyway, the his client says he missed a number of shots at the entrance at a specific time. His client is not seeking damages but instead is refusing to pay the $1,600 invoice. Is this covered?

Answer. Under Miscellaneous Professional Liability coverage (if included on the policy), this is something that would be considered. The complaint is directly related to the rendering of, or failure to render, professional services. If covered, the claim would be subject to the Miscellaneous Professional Liability deductible on the policy. for a quote from the best insurance carriers in the market place.


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