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Photographer Injured...Is she covered?

I just received this email:

"Hello Howard, I have injured myself and cannot work for 4-6 weeks. This has required me to return deposits and turn away work. I am curious if my business insurance could potentially help with this? Thank you for your expertise! Thank you,  M M"

Here is the answer.

"First, I'm so sorry to hear about your accident. I hope you recover well and quickly. Business Owners Polices (BOP) have property coverage like theft or breakage of equipment, and liability coverage. Liability mean injury, property damage, or financial damage to a 3rd party. These liability coverage's include General & Professional (errors & omissions). I always say, "you can't be liable to yourself." A BOP does NOT have coverage to protect injury to yourself and/or your employee's. For this, you need Workers Compensation (covered when the injury occurs on the job) and/or Accident/Disability (covered when the injury occurs ON or OFF the job). We offer these coverage's and actively promote education about this BOP gaps in coverage. Workers Comp and Accident/Disability in for is here." INFO HERE

Please allow us to help you properly cover the risk exposures you face.


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