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Data Recovery Coverage In Action...

One of my clients just wrote me this note.... "I just wanted to share my scary story with a happy ending with y'all. I have been insured by Allstate through Howard and Steven for a couple years now. This past April, lightning struck our trees, and carried through our home, killing many electronics. One of those devices was my Drobo tower with all of my client and personal photos on it from the past 15 years. I thought the RAID system of drives was it's own backup system, but what I didn't realize was that when lightning kills all five drives in one eye-blink, there is no backup system left for the RAID to rebuild. My home-owners insurance covered all of the hardware, but it wouldn't cover the data recovery on the drives. So I filed my first business claim with Allstate, and shipped my fried drives to Drive Savers. It took 8 months for them to retrieve the 6 TB of data. I just got it all back this week. Which is a very happy ending, indeed - but it gets even better. Because I have amazing insurance, a recovery job that would have cost me $6700 only cost my deductible of $500. And the claims agent that worked with me through the past 8 months was so patient and good to keep contact with me. I have never been so grateful for insurance in my life (which probably means I'm actually pretty lucky.) Anyway, I just wanted to give a huge thank you to Howard Liz Burkholz and Allstate and say Merry Data to us one and all!"


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