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Customer Coverage Story - "Yes. You're Covered"

"I have a photographer's policy and recently had a significant claim. First it's important to note that when I first came to Howard, his team took the time to understand my needs and put together a set of insurance to match. Then Howard went to the effort to review it all, make sure it was the right program for me and I understood it. Ans now for my camera trauma: My highest end equipment essentially fell off the tripod, crashing onto a sidewalk even as a I jumped it catch it. Though I knew I was insured seeing my favorite gear getting smashed was a punch in the stomach. Even so, knowing I was covered, with a good policy and understanding my coverage well, helped stem that anxiety. This was on a Saturday afternoon. Monday morning first thing I called the camera manufacture to arrange for a repair and then Allstate to make the claim. The Allstate phone agent was very supportive and told me I'd hear back from an adjuster within 24 hours. I heard back in less than 2 hours. ..." Peter F., New York


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