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Northern California Fires of 2017 - Claim Resolved

In February I recieved an email from a client in northern California. His studio was completely consumed in fire in the fall of 2017. He said,

"Allstate just gave me a settlement offer on Wednesday and it was more than I was expecting, so I am a very happy. Thank you for all your help and checking in, it was much appreciated. Out of the 4 insurance companies that I have been dealing with in this horrible loss, you are the only one reach out to see how things are going. I will make sure everyone on the San Francisco photographers FB group know how well you and Allstate took care of me.

I will be in touch soon with an inventory list of the gear I have in the studio. I am covered for $50K, and it probably needs to be at least $100K. I am not anticipating ever having to go through this again, but it’s definitely better to be safe than sorry.

Thanks again!"

I really am please to represent Allstate. Of all the carriers we represent Allstate has the best value (coverage combined with cost) currently. I must also say the agent has a lot to do with a positive outcome like this. My staff and I have read the 112 page policy many many times. I know how the claims department is going to act when something goes wrong. That knowledge helps me create the customized coverage's you need as a professional photographer. for a customized quote. 801-451-8880

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