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New Off Premises Business Income & Extra Expense Coverage

Home Based Business Shield for Photographers

Suppose your camera bag is stolen prior to a scheduled shoot. Without your equipment can't preform the job and suffer loss of business income. Or, perhaps there is time to rent equipment prior to the shoot. You incur the expense of renting equipment. Most polices that offer these coverages restrict it to only losses that occur at the named premises (the address listed as a premise on the policy). There is an new rider (endorsement) that extends this coverage to losses which occur away from the named premises. Let's face it, the likelihood of a loss occurring is greater in the field than at your home office. I highly recommend adding this new rider.

In addition, this endorsement offers increased off premises Business Personal Property (BPP) coverage. Usually BPP coverage is limited to say $10,000 off premises. This endorsement raises the limit to $15,000. And one more part of this endorsement removes an exclusion of BPP coverage at second, third, (and so on), locations that you own, lease, or operate (like a second home) which are not listed on the policy.

Here is a video discussing this very important coverage option VIEW

If hope you find this information useful. If you have any questions please call 801-451-8880. Or email Note - this coverage is not available in all states currently but is being rolled out currently.

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