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Move the sofa - scratch the floor

Professional Photographers are often (daily) asking me what insurance covers. I try to write about specific situation that have caused heartburn to professional photographers.

A wedding photographer was shooting a wedding. A sofa was in a bad spot and needed to be moved. The photographers second shooter and a groomsman slide the sofa across the floor. The owner of the venue took exception to the 12 foot long gouge in the floor. Our insured filled a claim and $4,200 was paid to the venue for the repair expense. By the way, in most cases, liability claims like this are not subject to a deductible. So, this was covered under general liability and the insured paid nothing out of pocket.

Professional photographers, may I suggest you do all you can to manage your business operation to minimize the possible of losses. It's a good idea to remind your assistants and second shooters of the possibility of problems. Be open to loss control training and measures that you can take to avoid situations that will slow down your business operation. Life is busy enough without headaches like this.

You can work with our agency specialist for a quote. Note - this and other articles on this site does not a guarantee coverage. See your policy for limitation and exclusions. These statements are for general knowledge and education. Each situation is evaluated on its unique merits to determine coverage.


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