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Gillware Data Recovery

As you may know, data recovery is covered on your policy if it is due to sudden and accidental loss. So, a dropped and broken drive, or a liquid spills on your gear is covered.* Let me introduce you to Gillware Data Recovery. Benjamin Potter and his team are exceptional data recovery specialists. They are offering a discount to my clients. You can reach them at

Please reach out to Ben and his team if you need to recover data. They can extract data from memory cards, internal and external hard drives, etc. Reach Ben at or 608.237.8795

Don't go to you local hardware computer repair shop and allow them to run some free software they downloaded for the first time just to "try" and save your date. Go to the experts. They guys specialize. Ben tells me that allowing an inexperienced computer technician to "try" as save your data will very likely make it worse (harder for them to recover your precious data).

*Comments in this article and others is no guarantee of coverage. Each loss is investigated and circumstances considered. Policy language and situation of loss determines coverage.

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