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Drone Liability Insurance Now Available

You should have liability insurance for your drone photography operation. We are now offering liability insurance for your UAS (drone). If you are only doing and few flights a year and Don't need an Additional Insured Endorsement offers a pay per flight option. But, if you are doing approximately fifty (50) flights or more per year, need an Additional Insured Endorsement, OR need the reliability of knowing your covered for FAA approved locations (Verifly has geographic area's where coverage isn't available), we have an affordable solution.

I recently did a policy with $300,000 general liability limit ($1,000,000 is available for $60 per year additional) for combined land and aerial operation, $5,000 equipment coverage for $611 per year. Request A Quote at

Business, Work, or Commercial Qualifications:

1) Follow the requirements in the Small UAS rule (Part 107)

2) Follow the rules in your Section 333 grant of exemption

3) Obtain an airworthiness certificate for the aircraft

(Home-based drone photography program. Drone's that weigh more than 15lbs increase the cost of insurance. Coverage is not available for drone's weighting more than 55lbs. Coverage not currently available in New York.)

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